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iVolve Meet with Thiess Leaders


Recently, iVolve senior engineer, Matthew Lee, and Marketing Manager, Debi Parascos, caught up with leaders from Thiess on the Gold Coast for an update on the latest technology from iVolve. ‘It was great being a part of this event as iVolve have been working closely with Thiess since 2008. This has been a great opportunity to

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Products - It Starts with an Idea


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles. prototype Whether scrawled on the back of a napkin, mended together on the garage floor, or designed using the latest 3D modelling software, every product starts with an idea. Bringing that idea to a fully functioning, marketable prototype takes a lot of effort,  iterations and time. prototype The

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Meet The Team – Shayne Wade


Shayne joins us as a support technician and will be working closely with our valued clients to solve issues and deliver intelligent and simple solutions. Shayne has a long and diverse history in the mining and mining technologies industry spanning over 22 years.  ‘I started work in Mining in 1995 and specifically in Mining Technologies

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Dancing CEO's with Kim Parascos


On 18 May 2018, twelve CEO superstars, including our very own Kim Parascos, will swap the boardroom for the City Hall dance floor in front 1,000 cheering guests. dancing The night isn’t just about putting on a show. Each CEO is set a minimum fundraising target of $15,000 to achieve before they take over the

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