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Production Management solutions assist our mining clients reach and exceed production targets through the use of sophisticated yet simple tools to increase equipment utilisation.



Excavator and haul truck operations are an integral part of open pit mining, and high production demands coupled with minimal downtime are a major focus in this environment.

Excavators and haul trucks are key tools for transforming raw material into product on a mine site. As a result, poor machine utilisation has a direct impact on mine production. Equally, continuous truck overloads by excavator operators result in higher truck maintenance costs, early tyre failures and an increase in the number of rejected loads. These effects can result in significant production losses and a substantial increase in maintenance costs over time and can also impact negatively on machine availability.

Production Manager™

Production Manager™ enables real-time production decision making by monitoring and recording each step of the haul truck load cycle (Loading, Travel Loaded, Dumping, Travel Empty, Stopped, and Queued). This data is sent via the Nexis™ network to the iVolve Server for real-time access by site personnel as well as for informal and scheduled reporting purposes.

As a training aid Production Manager™ gives shift leaders unparalleled remote access and overview across site on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Each new operator’s performance can be remotely monitored and appraised, with informal reporting forming the basis of one-on-one training.

production manager

Production Manager™ provides a real-time snapshot across the entire site production fleet with user-friendly graphic visualisation tools, aiding dispatch personnel and shift managers in timely decision making.

Dispatch personnel gain functional access to direct mobile fleet asset movements and control production activity, ensuring that daily mine plan production requirements are met whilst utilising assets in the most cost-effective manner.

Production Manager™ displays tonnage, BCM, material, location and centre-of-gravity data directly to the excavator operator via an in-cab screen, assisting optimal loading of every truck.

excavator screen

Load data is collected from the haul truck’s on-board strut sensors. Tonnage/BCM data is rechecked as the haul truck moves off via the second gear rear-weigh, and is retransmitted to the excavator to ensure the operator receives the most correct payload value. This is then transmitted in real-time via the Nexis™ network to the site iVolve Server™ for immediate access by site management as well as informal and scheduled production reporting purposes. Also recorded are any delay, activity and material type codes.

Also included is production recording, reject bin load times and dump destinations. The information collected by Production Manager™ is used to determine haul and dig rates and will form part of the data exported to your preferred mine management program.

Production data is viewable back in the office/headquarters via iReport dashboards and reports and also via the map based iControl interface.

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