Safety Modules

Safety Management solutions assist our mining clients to safely reach and exceed production targets while dramatically lowering incident numbers and personnel/plant risk exposure. Safely operate machinery while dramatically lowering incident numbers and personnel/plant risk exposure.

Do More
  • Operators work efficiently with the confidence in knowledge of their surroundings
  • Reduce incidents for increased productivity
  • Easily report on incident investigation
  • Work Safe
  • Provide visibility of surroundings to operators
  • Knowledge of small vehicles and personnel working beside large fleet
  • Alerts for keep out zones and speed limits
  • plant manager


    Proximiti™ integrates a long-range, high-speed GPS based collision awareness system with a short-range, low-speed radar proximity detection system to provide enhanced situational awareness for operators of heavy, medium and light vehicles on mine sites.

    Proximiti™ alerts the vehicle operator while also providing auditable data via the iVolve Server™ application; the system also supports full play-back capability for incident investigation purposes. The in-cab screen is multifunctional providing all proximity movements and production data through the one screen.

    The system utilises the following integrated technologies:

    1. Long-range GPS-based collision awareness system which has evolved directly from the aviation industry, is the primary Proximiti system, and provides long-range collision awareness alerts at high vehicle speeds.

    2. The short-range radar-based collision awareness system is the secondary Proximiti system and provides close range proximity detection alerts at low speeds.

    gps proximity device
    Nexis device

    3. iVolve’s Nexis™ provides the integration and communications platform for the Proximiti system. Intelligent switching between long-range/high-speed GPS and short-range/low-speed radar is managed by Nexis™ based on a number of parameters including vehicle speed and satellite communications availability - in the event of loss of sufficient satellite bounce for the GPS system, Nexis™ automatically alerts the vehicle operator and switches Proximiti alerting to the radar system until satellite visibility is once again available. This has specific implications for mining in work areas close to open-pit high-walls.

    4. The in-cab screen manages integrated alerting for the Proximiti system; the screen is touch-screen LCD with integrated audio alerting, with buzz alert and human speech alert capabilities. The screen default display is “greyed out”, becoming active only when required to alert the operator to a current event. The in-cab screen also features intelligent auto dimming with an on-board ambient light sensor, ensuring that the system will not distract operators or create night-blindness situations. A variety of installation options is available allowing the screen to be installed within the operators peripheral view, but out of the direct line of sight.

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