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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published January 24, 2020

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iVolve are pleased to welcome our newest member, Claude, to the family.

Claude joins us a Software Engineer from Montreal and will be working closely with our engineering team to solve issues and deliver intelligent and simple solutions.

"I am very happy to have joined the iVolve team. After having completed my studies, I was looking to put my knowledge into action. When I first knew about iVolve, I got very impressed by the intelligence they bring to the mining industry. The software optimizes the mining processes and get the best of the resources.

As an engineer, I always try to make everything I do in my life more efficient and that’s what I love at iVolve. I think there will always be a better way to do the things and we always have to look for new methods and improvement.

Through six engineering internships during my bachelor, I gained knowledge in many fields of area such as fleet management software, medical device, automotive and National defense. I have a wide variety of skills and I think it will help me bring new ideas.

I am very excited to contribute to this project and being part of this strong team."

We welcome Claude and look forward to keeping you up to date with his achievements.