Technology Adoption Improved Productivity by 5%

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published November 19, 2019

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An aggregate mining company wanted to increase productivity and reduce cost, and realised that to do that they needed to move away from their paper-based system and start measuring actual numbers with a Fleet Management System (FMS). The time between collecting data and analyzing it was taking upwards of 18-24 hours, too long and inaccurate for any significant improvements to be made. iVolve’s FMS solution was installed as a 2-year pilot program at a limestone mine in the USA to demonstrate how a large-scale FMS collecting production and maintenance information from across the site could improve the fleet metrics and deliver business value.


Significant cost reductions were made at site over the seven months (calculations based on standard shift calender time), as illustrated below.

Function                                               Results

Cycle Time                                                 5% decrease

Payload                                                      4% increase

Productivity                                              5% increase

Cost per Ton                                             3.3% decrease

Unrealised Productivity Gain               12% Increase


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