A new generation of Machine Guidance. Simple and seamless integration with our industry leading Fleet Management System.

Do More
  • Compliance with design surface
  • Improve payload distribution
  • Improved dig location accuracy
  • Increase truck productivity
  • Improved material management
  • Save Time
  • Easily manage design files
  • Lower dilution
  • Reduce rework & rehandle
  • Faster/more precise execution
  • Better road design
  • Reduce machine wear and tear
  • guidance

    iVolve Mine4D Guidance

    iVolve Mine4D Guidance is an innovative approach to the application of technology in mining. Specifically designed to optimise operator activities, Guidance seamlessly integrates machine guidance and fleet management tasks.

    Guidance combines the benefits of real-time operational data with the precision of advanced machine guidance and control. Start with iVolveā€™s flagship FMS iVolve Mine4D Production which extracts, records, and presents crucial operational data for the monitoring and management of a mining fleet. Integrate machine guidance to extend the capability of Production for dozer, excavator, loader, grader, and surface miner operators.

    Simplify your operation

    • - Clean and simple user interface that is easy for operators to use.
    • - See target surface over top-down and cross-section mine views.
    • - Ensure material is moved only once by using real-time cut and fill indication, pitch and roll measurements, and unit position.
    • - Track machine utilisation and analyse machine tasks.
    • - Work to design targets or use offsets to create buffer areas.
    • - Set slopes from the iVolve display to create ramps or flat bench on the fly.
    • - Record utilisation and production data on-board when out of range.
    • - Troubleshoot issues with the in-built diagnostics panel.

    production manager

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