A new generation of Machine Guidance. Simple and seamless integration with our industry leading Fleet Management System.


Mine4D Guidance

iVolve Mine4D Guidance is a new approach to technology application in mining. Specifically designed to optimise operator activities the system seamlessly integrates machine guidance and fleet management tasks.

iVolve Mine4D Guidance combines the benefits of real-time operational data with the precision of advanced machine guidance and control. Starting with iVolveā€™s flagship FMS: iVolve Mine4D Production which extracts, records and presents crucial operational data for the monitoring and management of a mining fleet, the integration of machine guidance extends the FMS to provide seamless guidance for dozer and excavator operators.

The high precision machine guidance capability provides the highest accuracy for active-loading and active-dozing in mining environments. The solution provides survey grade accuracy (H 5mm, V 10mm RTK).


  • Simplify & Improve Your Operation
  • Simplify your Installation & Maintenance
  • Improve Operator Effectiveness
  • Improve Loading & Surface Maintenance Works
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