Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Solutions deliver the benefits of real-time data directly to the people who need it, when they need it. Your skilled personnel have immediate access to real-time equipment data (fuel levels, SMUs, machine events, temperatures, etc) supporting proactive maintenance regimes to reduce the effect of in-service failures and unscheduled maintenance.

Do More

  • Easily identify vehicle issues
  • Monitor & manage machine abuse
  • Monitor & manage overloading
  • Log details of PreStarts for action
  • Extend component life
  • Increase availability of equipment
  • Communicate with operators directly

Save Time

  • Save time on data collection
  • Improve accuracy of data collection
  • Minimise unscheduled downtime
  • Identify equipment problems before failures arise
  • Early intervention of mistakes
  • Easily locate vehicles and operators

iVolve Mine4D Maintenance

Utilising on-board vehicle management systems, iVolve Mine4D Maintenance provides real-time equipment health data feeds. This data is displayed graphically via iReport dashboards at fleet and individual asset levels, with full data history available for informal and scheduled reporting.

In the event of site-specified alerts, Maintenance provides onscreen alerts within iControl providing true, real-time decision making capability. Maintenance will improve your machine availability while decreasing maintenance and lost production costs associated with in-service failures.

Tyre Manager™

At over $50,000 per tyre and with a global shortage, extending tyre life is one area where dramatic and immediate cost savings can be realised. Sudden rapid tyre deflations and blowouts are the cause of numerous safety incidents on mine sites every year.

Tyre Manager™ provides mine site management, safety and maintenance teams with real-time access to tyre temperatures and pressures. Respond to over-temperature and under/over pressure events before the tyre reaches critical status.

Tyre Management Dashboard
  • Nexis connects to the receivers via Ethernet.
  • Nexis records temperature and pressure readings from the receivers as soon as new values are available.
  • If a connection exists back to the iVolve Server™, Nexis uploads the data to the iVolve Server™ in real time.
  • If a connection to the iVolve Server™ does not exist (e.g. vehicle is out of range), Nexis will timestamp and log the data on board, to be uploaded to the server once the connection is restored.
  • Nexis records and logs to the iVolve Server™ (as events) any sensor timeouts or read errors.
  • Nexis records and logs to the iVolve Server™ any high/low temperature and pressure events as reported by the receivers.

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