GoLine. Secure, Flexible, Scalable.

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published February 14, 2024

Secure, Flexible, Scalable

With secure access to personalised apps for individual users or groups, GoLine gives you ultimate access to data and tools to help you get your job done.

View hundreds of thousands of data points from FMS, planning, events and defect management, load cycles and other sources.
GoLine gives users instant access to tailored links to all iVolve apps,  product documentation and support and system administration for management of users, master data, server settings & machine status. GoLine is your one stop shop to the iVolve system.
With role specific logins, users only see information that is important to them. Simple. Be notified of improvements in real time and identify trends throughout your site.

Reach out today to find answers to your questions, access more product information, or request a demo - @info@ivolve.com