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Take Control of Your Equipment


With iVolve Engineer, Jeremy Callaghan The unpredictable nature of mining is no longer considered an ‘inevitable’. Utilising the right digital innovations, mining companies have the ability to control aspects of mining that were previously non-controllable. iVolve’s Plant Manager™ is a solution used for the remote monitoring and control of site equipment such as lighting plants and

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Products - It Starts with an Idea


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles. Whether scrawled on the back of a napkin, mended together on the garage floor, or designed using the latest 3D modelling software, every product starts with an idea. Bringing that idea to a fully functioning, marketable prototype takes a lot of effort,  iterations and time. The word ‘prototype’

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Application & Integration


With iVolve Senior Engineer, Matt Lee iVolve’s Bus Access Module (BM2) is a new and exciting vehicle management system. When creating the BM2 it was essential for Matt and the engineers to lock down the feature set early on. Identifying the feature set and how the product will integrate with existing FMS products dictated a

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Overview of the Product Creation Process


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles Getting a product to market that meets customers’ needs is essential for a successful business. Creating that product is a whole other ball game. Here at iVolve HQ there is a buzz in the air over the development of iVolve’s new and exciting product, the Bus Access Module

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