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The iVolve fleet management system focuses on operational efficiency improvements directly related to production, maintenance, safety and plant management. This enables our clients to increase productivity, cut costs and minimise risk.


Technology designed for productivity.

Our technology solutions for mining focuses on delivering process and efficiency improvements, which directly relates to production, assets, maintenance and safety management. We provide the data so that you can feel confident in your decisions.

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Real-Time Data Capture for Real-World Situations

What is a real-time system? After your bag is checked in at the airport, it has to go along a series of conveyor belts to…


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iVolve Appoints GeoShack as North American Distributor!

FROM GEOSHACK:  DALLAS, Texas – April 7, 2016 – GeoShack North America, Inc., the leading distributor of positioning technology to the construction industry, has been…

Heavy dump truck carrying the iron ore on the opencast mining on sunset

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Setting up the Technology to Get Haulage Optimisation Right

Haulage optimisation requires many proverbial ducks to be lined up just right: the right sized excavator matched to the right sized trucks; the right number…


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Introducing Haulage: Over and Under Trucking

Normally mining sites will get a graduate engineer to do a time study on haulage performance. This will require the young engineer to monitor a…

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