Know now the Who, What, Where and When of every machine across your site.


Our technology solutions for mining and ports focus on delivering operational efficiency improvements, which directly relates to production, maintenance, safety and plant management.


Real-time production data. Real-time vehicle health and utilisation. Operator and vehicle situational awareness. Remote control and location tracking of plant. Remotely view in real-time your entire site operations. See relevant real-time data on your dashboards so you can make quick informed decisions to optimise your operation. Drill down for detailed analysis or provide prompt summaries with the in-built or customised reports. Integrate directly to existing or 3rd party systems.





Production Monitoring & Control


Our production solutions maximise the benefits of real-time data to help you achieve more with less. Operators have instant feedback to optimize loading and haul operations. With automatic data collection you have immediate access to real-time information enabling you to take control of your operations…


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Asset & Plant Management  


Our plant management solutions allow you to monitor and control key assets across your operations minimising costs.

Remotely track, control and monitor site equipment such as lighting plants and water pumps. As well as knowing exactly where your equipment is, you also have the power to remotely turn devices on and off. Keep an eye on every device by monitoring data including fuel levels, engine state, boom position and more…


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maintenance mannagement

Vehicle health & Maintenance Management

Be proactive with real-time equipment health data and events through our interface to onboard vehicle management systems. Your skilled personnel have real-time access to machine data supporting proactive maintenance to reduce the impact of in-service failures and unscheduled down-time…


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Safety through Situational Awareness


Enhanced situational awareness for operators of light and heavy vehicles with visual and audible alerts.

Safely reach and exceed production targets while dramatically lowering incident numbers and personnel/plant risk exposure.


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maintenance management


iVolve’s user tools provide simple yet powerful capability to interact with the iVolve Fleet Management System, from within the operator cab, on a supervisor tablet, the dispatch office control room screens, or corporate office PCs.


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