Mine4D Perform. Intercept little problems before they become big problems.

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published January 30, 2024

Intercept little problems before they become big problems.

Unplanned component breakdowns cost millions of dollars in repairs, not to mention lost productivity. Stop failures before they happen with Mine4D Perform. iVolve Mine4D Perform notifies operators and supervisors of unsuitable machine operation in real time preventing critical failures and extending equipment life.

Perform monitors vehicle states and generates events based on these scenarios -

  • Coasting in neutral
  • Engine overspeed
  • Engine underspeed
  • Brake overheating
  • Body up in motion
  • Transmission abuse
  • Gear selection
  • Service Break

When these scenarios are detected, an error message banner appears on the in-cab screen and an audible tone plays. This alert ensures operators are aware that their behaviour is in breach and allows for corrections to be made in real time.

Optimal maintenance, optimal mine performance

  • Prevent safety incidents caused by damaged machines.
  • Minimise costly repairs and damage to machines by alerting operators of abuse.
  • Empower operators with real-time data within the cab.
  • Clean & simple user interface designed for ease of use for the operator.

Minimise unscheduled downtime with Perform

  • Extend component life.
  • Reduce unexpected interruptions.
  • Minimise replacement repair costs with real-time alerts.
  • Identify opportunities for operator training.
  • Access data easily via iControl.


Stop critical component failures today and reach out today to find answers to your questions, access more product information, or request a demo - @info@ivolve.com