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The Mining Industry Wants More from Less


As the Asia Pacific Sales Manager for iVolve, I meet with a lot of people in the mining industry. Only a few years ago, the industry was booming and assessments of operational efficiency were not a top priority, because it felt like the boom would never end. The boom has ended and things have changed.

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What the Small Business Export Loan means for iVolve


The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) have announced a new program – the Small Business Export Loan, targeted at Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) exporters.  It’s great that the Australian Government has recognised the importance of SMEs to growing Australian exports. An interesting fact was presented at the EFIC breakfast on March 10. Since the Australian Dollar value

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Working in Mining Technology

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As an accountant I am fortunate enough to be able to work in any industry. I am surprised daily at how interesting it is to work in a company focused on developing technology-based solutions predominantly for the mining industry. The development process – especially software – takes some time to get used to. Long term

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The Importance of Tracking Haulage


In open cut truck and shovel mines haulage accounts for 50 to 60 per cent of the total mining operation costs. Haulage includes the transport of both coal and overburden waste carried out by large rear dump haul trucks run predominantly by diesel engines. What are the cost benefits of tracking haulage? These large production

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The Value of Prototyping

Raspberry Pi is an important innovation for prototyping.

Getting a product to market that meets customers’ needs is essential for a successful business. Prototyping helps speed up the process and goes a long way in ensuring that the product hits the mark with customers. If your product is purely software, this is even easier with the tools that are now available. Prototyping isn’t

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