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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published September 14, 2017

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usability and learnability

With iVolve Mechatronic Engineer, Callum Coe.

It is well accepted that usability and learnability are an important aspect of any piece of technology. If a piece of software is difficult to operate, users will abandon the product, making the thousands of hours spent on prototyping, programming and debugging worthless.

Users approach software with the expectation that it will be easy to operate and logical to follow. To use the words of information architect and user experience expert, Steve Krug, ‘Don’t make me think.’ At iVolve we go a step further and extend this idea with “Don’t punish me for thinking” – ensuring that our software will also reward curiosity, and be forgiving of mistakes.

iVolve provides customers with a plethora of resources and tools to ensure that operators and management alike are up to date with the latest product updates and features.

We provide training packages that sites can run through …  we’ve provided Reference Manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and questionnaires so they can do training themselves on site and we have also started making short YouTube videos that anyone is free to watch and learn from,’ said Callum.

Beyond training material, iVolve products are engineered to factor in learnability - how easy it is for a user without training to pick up new features.

It’s something we're starting to push more especially with our in-cab products. It’s not feasible for us to expect constant training and correction to all our operators on site. There’s so much going on at site and it’s really important that we can get operators using our product as quickly as possible and with as little training as possible,’ said Callum.

Usability and learnability are essential components of design. A piece of software is a living, breathing organism that thrives on feedback and assessment. iVolve knows how important this feedback loop is to ensure the best possible experience for our users.


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