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Testing Engineers’ Patience


Creating new products from nothing is a challenge.  It requires planning and preparation, following step by step instructions, focusing creativity, being goal oriented, and often compromising between various design considerations.  In the case of iVolve software as the product, our developers wrap up this process with a functioning software build and a feeling of satisfaction. 

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Beyond dashboards and reports


Data, that is collected by the iVolve FMS and stored in the iVolve database, is usually presented via iControl, dashboards and reports. But what about answering ad hoc questions that require more analysis? One option would be to use SQL and Microsoft Excel. But querying the data using SQL is usually only an option for

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Big [Data] Opportunities with iVolve


iVolve sites across the world are home to databases containing billions of GNSS locations from their real-time fleets. Our systems actively monitor machine location, and fuse this data to a wide range of other machine information to provide real-time insights. In this way, an immense amount of value is already extracted in real-time use cases

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iVolve – excited to be working with our Partners

iVolve are excited to enter the next phase in their evolution, expanding the reach of innovative Industrial technology products throughout the Asia Pacific and the Americas regions through a network of partners. Our partners will provide iVolve with a network of sales generation, project delivery and support and maintenance for our product, allowing iVolve to

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iVolve success in operation north of Arctic Circle


DID YOU KNOW: that First Quantum Minerals’ (FQM) open pit mine at Kevitsa, in far northern Finland is the northernmost site with which iVolve operates in the world? Kevitsa is a source of nickel-copper platinum group elements. The mine is 142km north-northeast of Rovaniemi – a small city of about 60,000 – which is the capital

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