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Meet The Team - Philip Batingal


iVolve are pleased to welcome our newest team member, Philip Batingal, to the family. Philip joins us a Software Engineer and will be working closely with our engineering team to solve issues and deliver intelligent and simple solutions. “I have worked for various multi-national companies in the consumer electronics, automotive and medical fields doing some

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Setting up Operations in the Arctic Circle


The Kevitsa open pit mine, located above the Arctic Circle, is approximately 140 kilometres north of Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland.  Production of nickel-copper-platinum group elements (PGE) commenced in 2012 at the wholly owned First Quantum Minerals operation. Key Challenges Kevitsa was a new operation and from the start it was decided to not

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Tightening the Net on Lighting Plants


Whether on an urban construction site or a remote mine, all sites require non-stop lighting. One of the many benefits of lighting plants is their ability to be transported throughout site with relative ease. The constant movement of the plant means that locating/refuelling and maintaining can be costly. Lighting.   Problem Manually turning lighting plants

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Reducing Idle Time


time Water trucks are a pivotal part of mining operations. Given Australia’s landscape, dust control can be a real hazard for employees, disrupting operations and causing extensive delays to production. Water trucks counteract this problem by spraying the earth and reducing the billowing dust at site. As well as this, water trucks are a vital element

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The BM2 Enclosure


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles. Enclosures house and protect electrical equipment from its environment, and when its environment is a mine site being frequently exposed to dust (especially iron ore and coal, which are highly conductive), extreme heat and vibration that is severe enough on some machines to shear steel bolts, the enclosure needs

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