Incident Investigation: Road Conditions

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published April 13, 2018

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Roads on a mine site are constantly changing and suffer from extreme environmental and wear conditions. Ensuring roads are well designed  is critical to production efficiencies and vehicle and worker safety. Being able to identify road gradients, potholes or any other dangerous road faults allows for rapid repairs and prevents further accidents from occurring. In addition, identifying that the roads are in good condition after an incident allows for a strong defence against claims of operator injury mid shift and claims of machine abuse for warranty requests. 


Without real-time feedback capabilities, it is impossible to establish the quality of a road where an incident occurred, this causes problems surrounding warranty claims and the inability to confirm what component, whether that be operator, vehicle or road conditions, caused the incident.


iControl is the iVolve map-based visualisation tool displaying your fleets’ real-time data for a complete overview of the state of the fleet and assets.

Using iControl, users can view the pressure on the tyre struts which illustrate the quality of the road. For example, if iControl displayed vehicle strut overpressure on a stretch of road it is indicative that the road contained potholes or was of sub-standard quality. 


  • Instant play-back capabilities.
  • Detailed live data for each vehicle.
  • Accurately identify the location of the incident.


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