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The BM2 Enclosure


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles. Enclosures house and protect electrical equipment from its environment, and when its environment is a mine site being frequently exposed to dust (especially iron ore and coal, which are highly conductive), extreme heat and vibration that is severe enough on some machines to shear steel bolts, the enclosure needs

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Building Solid Firmware


with iVolve engineer, Daniel Zollinger. When building firmware there are two important factors in balancing speed to market and product creation. The two approaches that iVolve take into account are building on existing code and intelligent problem identification.   Building Existing Code Creating a new product does not require starting from scratch. At iVolve, we leverage as much as possible from existing code

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Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program


With iVolve CEO, Kim Parascos Recently, iVolve CEO Kim Parascos, spoke at the Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program at Queensland University of Technology. The program was aimed at second, third and fourth year female university students in a number of different field including engineering, computer sciences, geology, metallurgy and mathematics. Kim took some

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iVolve Meet with Thiess Leaders


Recently, iVolve senior engineer, Matthew Lee, and Marketing Manager, Debi Parascos, caught up with leaders from Thiess on the Gold Coast for an update on the latest technology from iVolve. ‘It was great being a part of this event as iVolve have been working closely with Thiess since 2008. This has been a great opportunity to

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Products - It Starts with an Idea


With iVolve Chief Technology Officer, David Eagles. prototype Whether scrawled on the back of a napkin, mended together on the garage floor, or designed using the latest 3D modelling software, every product starts with an idea. Bringing that idea to a fully functioning, marketable prototype takes a lot of effort,  iterations and time. prototype The

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