Tightening the Net on Lighting Plants

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published December 18, 2017

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Whether on an urban construction site or a remote mine, all sites require non-stop lighting. One of the many benefits of lighting plants is their ability to be transported throughout site with relative ease. The constant movement of the plant means that locating/refuelling and maintaining can be costly. Lighting.



Manually turning lighting plants on and off, the inability to locate the plant for refuelling/maintenance and having them operational during non-essential times is an inefficient and costly exercise.


Plant Manager is a solution used for the remote monitoring and control of site equipment such as Lighting Plants. Utilising the Nexis wireless router platform Plant Manager to provides engine hour logging, door and boom state detection and reporting, engine prestart siren/beacon, remote timed for start/stop control, remote manual start/stop for maintenance checks, GPS tracking and tagging and centralised reporting.

Plant Manager eliminates the problems of manually operating/maintaining the plant.


Case & Savings

At a site with 22 lighting plants where 2 man hours/shift are spent locating and turning on/off lighting plants at a cost of $100/hour there were savings of -

$200 saved per shift in labour

$110 saved per shift in running costs

Approx. $230,000 savings per year*


*Assuming each plant runs an unnecessary 1hr/shift at the cost of $5/hour.


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