Asset & Plant Management

iVolve’s Asset Management Solutions provide the capability to monitor and manage key assets across your mine operation.

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Plant Manager™

Plant Manager™ is a solution used for the remote monitoring and control of site equipment such as Lighting Plants and utilises the Nexis wireless router platform to provide the following features:

  • Fuel level and engine condition monitoring
  • Engine hour logging
  • Door and boom state detection and reporting
  • Engine prestart siren/beacon
  • Remote timed for start/stop control
  • Remote manual start/stop for maintenance checks
  • GPS tracking and tagging
  • Integrated Nexis Mesh router
  • Centralised reporting

Engine Monitoring and Control

  Plant Manager™ supports a variety of inputs for monitoring the status of the light plant, including fuel level, engine temperature and oil level, door status and boom position.

  The system can be configured to perform automated start and stop of the engine based on a time schedule. In addition, if operating in an area with network coverage, the units can be remotely started and stopped manually. For safety, a prestart siren and beacon is provided due to the automated operation of the equipment.

Tracking / Monitoring

  Plant Manager™ displays the current position and equipment data of the lighting plant in real-time via the iControl® application. It can also be configured to periodically log the GPS location of the device into the database for auditing and reporting.

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