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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published December 14, 2017

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water truck

Water trucks are a pivotal part of mining operations. Given Australia's landscape, dust control can be a real hazard for employees, disrupting operations and causing extensive delays to production. Water trucks counteract this problem by spraying the earth and reducing the billowing dust at site. As well as this, water trucks are a vital element in the process of compacting the ground for creating smooth work surfaces and assistance in fire prevention.



Considering the costs associated with running and maintaining such large vehicles with specific tank specifications, custom designs and mounting apparatuses, it is essential that the trucks operate efficiently.

A common problem with operation of water trucks is that they run out of water before completing their given task.



To monitor water truck operation, iVolve installed Mine4D Maintenance to determine optimal placement of a new filling point.

Tracking machine utilisation resulted in cost savings and improved production.


Case & Savings

Using iVolve's Mine4D Maintenance, the site was able to make serious improvements to its operations and savings. Investigation showed water truck operators were leaving engines running while filling. Since Mine4D Maintenance was installed a change in user behaviour resulted in -

Idle times reduced from 25% to 15%

Approx. total savings of $43,500 per year


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