Notification: End of Sale/Support Nexis MX1

iVolve is announcing product obsolescence of the Nexis MX1 hardware platform.


iVolve is committed to providing the highest level of support to you while you determine the best hardware strategy for your site. Please read below for key timelines and support options that are now available to you:

Date                               Lifecycle Status

April 30, 2015        -     Sales ended (no longer available for purchase).

June 30, 2019         -     End of support for Nexis MX1 hardware.

iVolve is announcing end of life for the Nexis MX1 (MX1) Hardware device due the following circumstances:

• A replacement updated model (Nexis XS1) has been available for seven (7) years.

• There are considerable constrains to new feature capabilities due to the MX1 hardware limitations.

• Repair costs are increasing with longer lead times.

• Reduced availability of parts for repairs.

iVolve customers who are on active support have the following options:

• Continue using existing MX1 hardware as is however be limited to the firmware and software versions detailed below. Note the following constraints:

• Any issues with MX1 equipment running later versions than detailed below will not be supported.

• New features and functionality may not be available for this equipment.

• Upgrade to Nexis XS1 hardware to access new features and functionality and the value they provide.

Nexis firmware version: 4.5.1

PAMS software version: 3.9

More information

Should you have any questions about this end of availability communication, or for assistance in understanding the options available to you, please contact iVolve support at

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the future.