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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published July 17, 2018

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Connect your site with iVolve's mesh network.

iVolve’s Nexis hardware is a powerful networking application platform.  In addition to running the on-board FMS application, it also implements a self discovering, self-healing wireless mesh network between machines and from machines to site infrastructure. 

The inclusion of mesh networking is an important consideration in highly mobile environments.  In order for two machines to communicate with each other, traditional access point-based Wi-Fi networks require both machines to be in range of an access point.  Mesh networking allows two machines, in isolation of the rest of the network, to communicate directly with each other.  One example of where this is essential is for truck payload feedback to excavator operators.

The flexibility of the iVolve mesh network means that minimal hardware can be deployed initially, providing cost effective mesh coverage to only those areas that require it.  As the site footprint expands, additional Nexis units can be added to trailers to extend the mesh network to these new areas.


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