iVolve with Topcon Positioning Systems mate FMS with INS

Created by Harrison Astbury - Published January 7, 2016

 harrison-astbury @ivolveharrison

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DID YOU KNOW that with iVolve’s real-time visualisation tool iControl, you can know the exact location, orientation and position of your machinery to within 7mm on the surface of the earth?

iVolve have partnered with Topcon Positioning Systems, experts in GNSS and guidance technology to provide a solution that couples iVolve’s existing FMS with a high-precision inertial navigation system (INS).

What does this mean for your site?

It means making real data-driven decisions to an even higher precision.

The coupling of high precision with iVolve’s FMS is beneficial to both the operators and site supervisors. For example, with the high precision INS on board the dozer, the operator has dramatically improved situational awareness in relation to fixed and/or visually obstructed objects and other machinery such as dozers and stackers. The operator has the added benefit of knowing his exact height above the surface bedding, along with the machine’s orientation.  With the addition of high precision to the iVolve FMS, the operator is able to operate more efficiently and safely on the stockpile.

The enhancement of high-precision for iControl now also puts increased control in the site supervisors’ hands. Site supervisors are now able to monitor various operations to better manage efficiencies including dozer push cycles, fuel burned, machine wear, as well as every dozer’s position history. This enables the supervisors to get the most out of their dozer fleet and operators, and to further decrease costs associated with fuel burned, machine wear and inconsistent push cycles. The supervisors’ control of a mineral stockpile is now easier, more accurate and efficient, thanks to iControl’s enhanced high precision capability.

Do not be left behind when it comes to technology solutions for the mine site or terminal; let iVolve provide all tools necessary – we have made it easy.

iControl provides the visual data to achieve the desired results. iVolve provides the bigger picture – to better manage and operate sites, and to deliver the future of industrial technology today.

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