iVolve Present at Wireless Conference

Created by iVolve - Published February 18, 2008

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On December 6, iVolve presented a paper at The Industrial Wireless and Ethernet Conference 2007 in Sydney, hosted by IDC Technologies. Our senior engineer Matthew Lee’s presentation covered “Refining Wireless – A Case Study of Wireless Technology for Improved Metals Refining”.

The conference contained a cross-section of both end-users and vendors, and was largely concerned with low-power/low-bandwidth wireless networking technologies (eg ZigBee), but there was also a place for higher-end technologies like Wi-Fi. The presentation, like the title suggests, was a case study of the recent project undertaken by iVolve, to supply a component of the wireless solution for MIPAC’s new CellView product.

CellView is an application for wirelessly monitoring key parameters of the electrorefining process for metals. Nexis is used to provide mesh networking services, as well as customised functionality for communicating with a collection of wireless sensors. 

The presentation was received well, with both end-users and system integrators expressing an interest in finding out more about both Nexis and the CellView product.