iVolve Named in Top 20 Most Promising Metals & Mining Technology Solutions Providers

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published September 23, 2019

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iVolve has been listed in the CIO Reviews 20 Most Promising Metals & Mining Technology solutions providers, celebrating companies that have drastically changed the metal and mining landscape with their best-in-class product offerings.

iVolve's IOT-powered industrialised hardware can extract data from any field equipment and present it to the necessary personnel in real-time. Operators receiving information regarding the location of loaded and unloaded vehicles, their material, and destination can keep a close watch to ensure that vehicles do not stray from their designated routes. At the same time, maintenance crews receive an overview of the fleet on-site.


'If data is not presented consistently, it can lead to alienated recommendations when used in analytics. With almost two decades of experience in gathering and presenting data from mine sites, customers can use the iVolve system to bring more value to their mining operations, mitigate risks and achieve improved productivity and cost reduction."

-Kim Parascos, CEO

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