iVolve collaborates with 3D-P Mining to deliver a Real-Time Production and Maintenance Reporting Solution

Created by Harrison Astbury - Published May 24, 2016

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Maintenance Reporting Solution

iVolve today announced a collaboration with our technology partner 3D-P Mining to deliver Production Reporting and Maintenance Reporting systems. This new mining solution is powered by iVolve technology and delivered by 3D-P Mining.

iVolve recognised the importance in this current economic climate the importance for developing cost effective solutions that deliver real-time production and maintenance data to mobile fleets on mine and mineral sites. 3D-P licensed iVolve’s Production and Maintenance Reporting systems, a solution specifically catered to mines desiring a simple and easy-to-use system to report production and maintenance data. Running on 3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoint interface, this new system combines iVolve’s innovative real-time machine intelligence with 3D-P’s high performance wireless networks.

This Production and Maintenance Reporting solutions interface combines data-driven reports with flexible and easy-to-use dashboards in real-time. Production data from haul trucks, loaders and other equipment can be easily visualised and relayed to the operator in the cab, which allows trucks to be loaded more consistently, which can deliver an increase of up to 10 per cent in productivity. Production data consists of payload, location, status, and centre of gravity, which allows trucks to carry larger loads more safely, supporting productivity gains. These features are just some of the ones provided with Production and Maintenance Reporting.

Currently, many mines rely on a paper-based reporting system, which only serves to delay access to information and involves tedious manual input from site managers. This highlights the potential for human error, and the negative results of manual reporting can be seen in a site’s fleet. Often, because data is not presented in real-time, machine health and efficiency data is well outdated by the time it is reported. This delay can drive up operation costs and hamper production.

“Our considerable experience with mine operations has shown us the pressing need for real-time reporting of production and maintenance data at an affordable price in many mines. We are excited about the introduction of the 3D-P Production and Maintenance Reporting systems to meet these needs and help mine management make better decisions and optimize utilisation of their production fleet,” 3D-P Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Fisk said.

About iVolve:

Established in 1995, iVolve is an Australian industrial technology company delivering real-time machine intelligence to the resources sector enabling our clients to make educated quick decisions to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimise risk. Our solutions are designed around a tailor-made approach, catering to mines’ specific needs enabling individual modules to be deployed.

About 3D-P Mining:

3D-P is a company delivering tech-advanced, onboard open-sourced computing platforms and wireless networks. 3D-P understands the challenges of deploying mission critical wireless networks in mining environments and offers a distinctive and effective approach to network design. Focusing on optimising RF zones, its team of experienced engineers has the knowledge to design, deploy, optimise and support any wireless network for maximum reliability and performance. To further facilitate real-time access to the mines’ critical data, 3D-P designs and manufactures the Intelligent Endpoint (IEP), a ruggedised communication and computing device built specifically for mines. It enables application integration and hosting of third-party applications, such as iVolve’s Production and Maintenance Reporting solution.