Balance Advisory partners with iVolve

Created by iVolve - Published December 6, 2015

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iVolve is pleased to have successfully concluded negotiations with Balance Advisory as a strategic partner and authorised Distributor for iVolve products and services.

About Balance Advisory

Balance Advisory is a highly respected advisory company providing specialist support and advice to the resources, infrastructure, transport, property, government, procurement, construction and investment sectors on infrastructure, trade facilitation and investment.Balance_Advisory

With iVolve’s many years of experience in providing cost effective Fleet Management Systems to mid-tier miners globally, the partnership with Balance Advisory will underpin the expansion via iVolve’s new ports safety solution.

Director Michael Ryan commented “We are excited by the opportunity to assist iVolve grow their business. Much like previous agreements we have entered with Redeye Apps and Concept Environmental services, this agreement is part of our ongoing evolution into the trade attraction & investment advisory area. We are very confident that the success and innovation achieved by iVolve will be expanded further, particularly in the infrastructure sector through port and rail service providers. We look forward to this partnership complementing our business strategy of providing cutting edge solutions to companies and others that we have existing strong relationships with”.

The two organisations are looking forward to further developing the relationship and maximising the strong synergies between their complementary expertise and business networks.