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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published June 29, 2017

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With iVolve Engineer, Christian Nielson

Significant knowledge advances have taken place in Analytics & Intelligence in mining over the last decade with further changes set to take over in the next few years. Improvements in mining production including labour, quality and time are all expected to increase revenues by over 24% and productivity by 26% - all driven by the power of analytics and intelligence.

Tools for Analysis

iVolve Software Development Engineer, Christian Nielson was a key creator of iVolve's iControl and iReport tools. iControl is a computer game inspired visualisation application depicting the current location and state of all vehicles on a site. iReport aggregates production and maintenance data across all vehicles for a selected period in a variety of reports and dashboards. Vast amounts of data collected in real-time from vehicles and equipment across the mine site is presented visually via iControl, with drill down analytics simply performed via the iReport tool.

With a strong focus on ensuring this stream of data is presented in an easily digestible way, personnel are able to simply and quickly analyse what is occurring across the site. This allows for operational efficiency improvements directly related to production, maintenance, safety and plant management.

Ease of Use is the Key

iVolve engineers create smart software with the end user in mind. Throughout the design process the engineering teams ensure the end product will be easy to use and adaptable for our customers needs. The iVolve solution focuses on a simple user experience from software installation through to ongoing support.

'The software must create value to the customer. A prerequisite for that is a large engagement by the end users. e.g. the operators on site. To get that we need to make the software robust and user friendly,' said Christian.

Given that mine sites are typically located in remote areas, collecting feedback from all levels of mining operations can be a significant challenge to the development process. iVolve's close working engagement with our long term clients enables an open conversation and feedback loop between key users and the development teams. This ensures that the guys actually writing the code have an ear to the ground. This results in the needs of customers being met and that our products are providing real value to the mining operation. Personnel get the data they need in a meaningful format allowing them to make rapid, smart decisions in their daily tasks.

The future of Analytics and Intelligence in mining is centered around the vast amount of data being captured by mining machinery. Understanding how to work with big data and more importantly, create value from them is something that iVolve engineers are continually striving for.

The iVolve difference

The iVolve difference is being able to keep on top of the amount of data with real-time intelligence and displaying it in a logical and meaningful way for machine operators and mine managers alike to make quick, informed decisions.

'We are working to make the information provided by these tools even more accurate and easily available. We want to present relevant information directly to the people working in the mine, to machine operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel,' said Christian.

There is no doubt that the use of analytics and intelligence in mining is set to continue its positive growth trajectory. With big data already shaking up a number of different industries, the positive effects of technological analytics on mining is unprecedented. Organisations that harness this capability will differentiate themselves from competitors and increasingly find themselves at an advantage.


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