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Dancing CEO's with Kim Parascos


On 18 May 2018, twelve CEO superstars, including our very own Kim Parascos, will swap the boardroom for the City Hall dance floor in front 1,000 cheering guests. The night isn’t just about putting on a show. Each CEO is set a minimum fundraising target of $15,000 to achieve before they take over the stage!

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Solving C Symbol Collisions

c symbol

One of the tenets of software development is to reuse code as much as possible. For iVolve’s onboard data collection/processing application, this means writing the application once and building/compiling it for (currently) six different hardware platforms plus a couple of “virtual” platforms used for unit and integration testing. The application makes extensive use of a

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User Experience - Usability & Learnability

usability and learnability

With iVolve Mechatronic Engineer, Callum Coe. It is well accepted that usability and learnability are an important aspect of any piece of technology. If a piece of software is difficult to operate, users will abandon the product, making the thousands of hours spent on prototyping, programming and debugging worthless. Users approach software with the expectation

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Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum 2017


With iVolve Sales Manager, Jon Breeden iVolve Sales Manager, Jon Breeden, recently attended the annual Diggers & Dealers Mining forum, held in Kalgoorie, WA – the unofficial gold mining capital of Australia. This leading annual conference combined presentations by listed mining and exploration companies with a display area housing exhibitors from the sector. The delegation was made up of mining and

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