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The Power of Statistics - Data, computational power & connectivity


With iVolve Senior Engineer, Matt Lee Big data has swept into every industry and now plays an essential part in productivity growth and competition. Research indicates that the digital cluster of ‘data, computational power and connectivity’ is ripe to shake up the mining sector over the next 10 years. Research by The McKinsey Global Institute… Read More

Meet our Team - Rod Klerks


iVolve are pleased to welcome our newest team member, Rod Klerks, to the family. Rod joins us as a Support Technician and will be working closely with our engineers and product development team to deliver smart and competitive market technologies for our clients. Rod has a long and diverse history in the Mining, Manufacturing &… Read More

Disruptive Technology turned Digital Innovation - Improving mining productivity from behind a screen


Changing the game with digital innovation. Despite the mining industry’s booms and busts, the nature of mining has stayed the same for decades. Achieving a breakthrough in productivity demands a reassessment of our approach to how mining works and how we engage with equipment and applications. Historically, the mining industry has been wary of technological… Read More

iVolve Partners With Topcon to Take On MINExpo 2016


iVolve and Topcon Positioning Systems have partnered to launch the Integrated Mining System (IMS) at MINExpo held in Las Vegas from September 26 to 28. The IMS combines the iVolve Fleet Management System (FMS) with Topcon’s High Precision Machine Guidance for a complete integrated solution for mining. iVolve CTO David Eagles said that this combination… Read More

How We Make UX in Haulage a Great Experience

Operator Screen for a haul truck

With Engineer Callum Coe Making a great end-user experience (UX) is something that iVolve prides itself on. Interfacing and making sure software is intuitive across all operational levels onsite involves a meticulous process of ‘getting it just right’. This is especially true for haulage, where not having access to the right data can mean money… Read More