Meet our team: Q&A with David Eagles

Created by iVolve - Published September 2, 2012

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At iVolve, we specialise in developing and manufacturing intelligent industrial wireless technologies. Our real-time data management solutions are tailored to cater to the demands and needs of clients in the mining, construction and energy industries to increase production output, decrease maintenance costs, and minimise risk exposure.

iVolve chief technology officer and founder of the company David Eagles takes some time to talk about the company and our innovative solutions.


What does your role at iVolve entail?

I am the chief technology officer here at iVolve. My role involves setting the direction we take for product technology development, while ensuring we have a leading edge product that meets the needs of our customers.


Can you give us a bit of background about iVolve?

iVolve started operating in 1995 as a technology services provider to the Queensland Port Authority. Since then, we have expanded to minerals processing, mining and construction.

In 2003, we released the Nexis device, which is our core hardware platform. Nexis is a ruggedised mesh network platform providing the communications across sites, but in its own right, it is a powerful industrial computer. Nexis gives us limitless potential to integrate and extend the functionality of existing technology for our clients.

Our solutions for the mining industry focus on delivering process and efficiency improvements directly relating to production, maintenance, safety and asset management. With an iVolve solution our mining clients are in the best possible position to increase production output, reduce operating costs, while minimising their risk exposure.


How can iVolve’s technology solutions assist in increasing output?

Our core product suite Production, Assets, Maintenance and Safety, better known as PAMS works in three ways to increase output. The first is its ability to enable digger operators to know in real-time exactly how much they are loading into a truck against the load target.

The second – it enables production supervisors and managers to know in real-time the progress of the shift and the efficiencies of any given circuit. It gives them the data to be able to respond at any point during a shift to increase output.

Finally, PAMS provides real-time vehicle health data, which enables improvements to maintenance efficiencies that essentially keeping the equipment up and running to maximise the output.


How does the technology iVolve create differ from similar products available on the market? What makes it unique?

There are several significant benefits associated with our technology. Our PAMS software solutions can integrate with multiple vehicle systems, making it vendor agnostic. Meanwhile, our Nexis device provides an all-in-one hardware platform that provides the communications over the Nexis mesh network, in addition to being a powerful industrial computer. Our clients have the flexibility to pick and choose modules that are relevant to their operations. This has the added benefit of allowing our clients to add new functionality as required.

Finally, being a relatively niche company we get most of our great ideas for the next feature set from working closely with our clients. In fact, this is probably what our customers appreciate most. We are very flexible in our product road map and listen to their needs. After all, our clients are our future.


Who does iVolve provide innovative solutions for?

We have direct customers all across Australia, as well as the overseas market. This includes Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Middle East. Our partners take our product to nearly all corners of the globe.