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Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published July 17, 2018

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Mine sites two way radio channels can be very congested, working double time to deliver messages to everyone on site. The messages that are aired are only often relevant to a small portion of those receiving it. The constant clutter of the radio sounds renders the important messages that are being communicated to be misheard or subconsciously ignored by operators.

Would a postman deliver a letter to everyone on the street if it was only addressed to one person? No.

For an industry that strives to be as efficient as possible the two-way radio system is out of place.

iVolve’s iControl allows written messages to be sent to a specific vehicle or vehicles. The operator or operators receiving the message can acknowledge the message giving management the peace of mind that the operator has read the message.

The Messages feature allows management to select the time messages are to be sent, select from a set of predefined messages or construct a personalised message.


  • Customise your messages to be sent at a given time.
  • Instantly send messages to specific vehicles.
  • Know when operators have received your message.


Cut the clutter and send messages to who you want, when you want.


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