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Paper-Based Systems vs Digital FMS


Even in this digital age, paper-based reporting is extremely prevalent across all industries. They require little training, are a permanent record and most personnel take comfort in the simplicity of manually jotting down notes in a notebook or timesheet. This is especially the case in more traditional industries like the mining industry, where being out

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Over and Under Trucking: What is Haulage?


Normally mining sites will get a graduate engineer to do a time study on haulage performance. This will require the young engineer to monitor a mining circuit (1 loading unit and a number of haul trucks) in a light vehicle on a nearby bench. What is Over and Under Trucking? This time study will simply

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The Importance of Tracking Haulage


In open cut truck and shovel mines haulage accounts for 50 to 60 per cent of the total mining operation costs. Haulage includes the transport of both coal and overburden waste carried out by large rear dump haul trucks run predominantly by diesel engines. What are the cost benefits of tracking haulage? These large production

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