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iVolve Partners With Topcon to Take On MINExpo 2016


iVolve and Topcon Positioning Systems have partnered to launch the Integrated Mining System (IMS) at MINExpo held in Las Vegas from September 26 to 28. The IMS combines the iVolve Fleet Management System (FMS) with Topcon’s High Precision Machine Guidance for a complete integrated solution for mining. iVolve CTO David Eagles said that this combination

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How We Make UX in Haulage a Great Experience

Operator Screen for a haul truck

With Engineer Callum Coe Making a great end-user experience (UX) is something that iVolve prides itself on. Interfacing and making sure software is intuitive across all operational levels onsite involves a meticulous process of ‘getting it just right’. This is especially true for haulage, where not having access to the right data can mean money

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Coding and Software Development for Haulage

Profile of concentrated young software developer eating pizza and coding at home

With Daniel Zollinger. There is a lot to be done before you can start writing quality code and developing software for haulage data systems. It’s not just a matter of sitting down at your computer and starting to write. iVolve Software Engineer Daniel Zollinger has vast experience in writing quality software, and says getting these

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How Does iVolve Provide Support to Clients?


We have explained that one of the key areas of fleet management is tracking haulage – all the information you need to know about what trucks are hauling in real time. We have discussed the importance of this in lieu of the commodity price fluctuations in 2016, as well as the important developmental stages. Data

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Haulage Data Analysis in the Real World


With Jeremy Callaghan. It is all well and good talking about what goes on behind the scenes into developing haulage data parameters at the office, far removed from the mine sites hundreds of kilometres away. It can be hard to decipher what this means for the operator in the cab, and the manager onsite in

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