Meet The Team – Nicole Bryce

Created by Elizabeth Delaney - Published August 17, 2017

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iVolve are pleased to welcome our newest team member, Nicole Bryce, to the family.

Nicole joins us in an Administration role and will be working closely with our CEO, Kim Parascos to ensure iVolve personnel are on track and supported in the delivery of our solutions. Nicole has a long and diverse history in the Marketing and Communications sectors and is excited to join us at iVolve.

'iVolve is moving in an exciting direction at the moment and I enjoy being part of the initiatives to grow the business. I’m a recent addition to the iVolve team but I can see how the Executive are committed to shaping the business strategically and culturally.  My background is in corporate partnerships and events so I’ve spent a lot of time imbedded in marketing and communications departments.  The strangest job I’ve ever had – coordinating an Asbestos Risk Management Audit across 20 properties in the UK.'

We welcome Nicole and look forward to keeping you up to date with her achievements.


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